Monday, February 25, 2013

Bentos Before CNY

I'm back from holiday! I guess I really need to catch up the outstanding bentos that I made before chinese new year. So, i will post all the bentos I made before chinese new year.

My girl is not really a bread lover, so I tried packing small sandwich for her. This sugar bunny sandwich were really small. :) I also packed dragonfruit in the snack box today, besides the strawberries, blueberries and golden kiwis. Result, she finished everything except dragonfruits.Hhhmmmm...

The same day, I made this minnie bento for my elder niece today for her to bring to school. She told me she had to stay back in school for singing rehersal. So, she needs bento! LOL. So, I made this minnie bento for her and she was happy! :)

Next day, little heart bento for my darling girl. Add face details to make it more lovely. :) She finished them! :) Hmm, once of my satisfaction is I see empty snack box when I went to pick her up from nursery. At least I know that what she had in school. 

I made little heart bento for myself too. Hee! 

I made this snack bento on 7/2. Thanks to the date saved from my phone. Otherwise, I really could not remember when I made those bentos. Included in the snack box are homegrown papaya, strawberries, blueberries and mommy's homemade honey cornflakes cup. I made total of 7 medium sized bottles of honey cornflakes cups and it was finished by 2nd day of CNY. Children's favourite! 

Last bentos before long chinese new year break! The school was having one week chinese new year break! I made two bentos, one for my girl and one for elder niece! Both are in Minnie theme. :)

Trudeau Fuel Giveaway from Bento,Monsters

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Good luck everyone! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bento No# 109: Qi's Bento

Okay, I still managed to blog another post before I'm flying off tomorrow morning. 

I have nothing much left at home as it was friday, 1/2. I thought of skipping making bento for my girl that day until I saw this ugly looking (being pressed on) raisin cupcake on the dining table. So, I packed this raisin cupcake, mini mandarin orange and seedless grapes. I arranged the grapes around the mini mandarin orange put on her name, Qi. 

I showed her the bento after she woke up and told her that the two alphabets represent her name, Qi, she smiled looking at me. sweet! :) 

Before I end my post, just to share with everyone that I received a parcel from Funbites. I will be having giveaway at the last week of February! So, stay tune! 

Daddy's Bento & Monbento Review

I received an email from Monbento last month if I would like to review their product. I jumped out from my chair and I replied say I do!

I received the parcel pretty fast as Monbento used Fedex courier service. My first impression of this box, it is BEAUTIFUL! The box is named MB Original, that they actually comes with lots of colorful design. Check out their website for more interesting stuff! The one I received is white. 

The box comes with two-tier and each tier has capacity of 500ml. The box is very sturdy,BPA free and made with high quality plastic with a "soft touch" finish. I really love the feeling holding the box, as it is soft yet very elegant and sturdy. 

Another great feature that I love is both containers are actually airtight and fully microwavable! How cool is that! So, you no need even open the lid to warm your food in the microwave. ;)

It is definitely worth to invest in such an elegant and stylish bento box that I believe it could last long. 

I was so excited to try to pack the morning breakfast in the bento box. It is two-tier box and definitely quite big for me alone. So, I used the box to pack breakfast for hubby. Anyway, it is consider big to pack breakfast unless one is big appetite, or else, I guess this box is very good for packing lunch meal instead. 

I filled the lower tier with sugar butter bread rolls and homemade cornflakes cookies. The upper tier consists of strawberries, golden kiwis, mini mandarin orange and grapes. 

Few days later, I was thinking if possible to use one tier instead of two tiers. So, I used the box to pack breakfast for hubby to bring to office. 

I only left coconut buns. So, hubby had two coconut buns and I also filled in seedless grapes for him. It is nicely fit in into one tier! So the trick is just rotate the lunch belt like the photo below. 

Ta-daa!! It is great, isn't it? Now you can use as single tier bento box or double tiers bento box. Totally love this! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bento I Made in January 2013

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Hehe. It is not too late ya! Still Chinese New Year though! I was soooo busy few weeks before CNY. Juggling between work, kid and home are not easy! 

So, I gotta share with everyone the bentos I made for Qi last week of January. I did not have time to blog on time. So, here you go. ;)

So, I made this simple bear bento for Qi on 28/1. The bear and flower nutella sandwich, mandarin orange, grapes, and strawberries. The strawberries was mistakenly frozen in the fridge and end up becomes waterywhen I packed into her snack box. So, she did not finish them. *slap forehead* All my mistake. :(

Packing the same food as yesterday. She finished them except watery strawberries. 

A friend told me that taking too much grapes would result body heaty. Hmmm, so I packed red apples to Qi  on 30/1. My friend told me that soak the apple few seconds in the salty water will prevent the apple to dioxide. So, I tried. It's true! But the apple turn a bit salty. @.@ Maybe that's why my girl did not finish them? I should avoid packing apple then. 

Last bento in January. Not packing her any sandwich, but fruits. Homegrown papaya and seedless grapes. 

I am still owing two review post. One is way too long outstanding and I am feeling so guilty now. :( I shall review them before I'm flying to Langkawi on Sunday! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bento No# 108: Mustache Bento

Yesterday, 3rd February was International Fake Mustache Day. I was totally not aware of this day, seriously until I joined bento bloggers group and they actually having the blog hop to celebrate the day. How cool is that! I wish I could join too, but I was late to sign up for the blog hop. 

Anyway, I still made mustache bento for today. Yay! 

Hello Kitty mustache bento! It is really simple bento for my little girl. Nutella hello kitty sandwich. The hello kitty mustache is made out from nori/seaweed. I also includes strawberries, blueberries and kiwis. She loves fruits. :)

No specific idea what shall I made for mine. I still have wheat bran soft roll bun at home, so I made myself salmon mayo bun. Again, this little fella has more thick mustache! LOL. I packed strawberries and blueberries for myself too. It's kinda funny looking after I done this. One of my instagram friend said it looks like mister potato. LOL. I look and look and look, it does looks like mister potato. Hehe.