Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bento No# 47: Monkey Bento

I did not manage to buy bread yesterday, thus I cook maggi mee goreng again (having instant noodle once in a while is a bliss to me! :-p).
Monkey Bento
Actually I don't think it looks like monkey at all. Hahaha. My sausage cocktail is rather long. I copied the idea from Bento, Monsters. :-p
I packed the fruits separately. I find that the taste and smell of the fruits will turn different if I packed together with cooked food. It is OK if packed with bread. But not cook food. I wonder if other bento experts out there facing the same problem as me? No? Oh ya... there are two chocolate cups for myself too! Yippie!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bento No# 46: Chocolate Chip Muffin Bento

I made chocolate chip muffin yesterday and of course I packed muffin to work today! LOL. Hubby requested me to pack 4 muffins, two for himself and another two for her colleagues. So, nothing fancy and very simple yet homely chocolate chip muffin bento.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bento No# 45: Teddy Bear Burger Bento

I bought wholemeal bun yesterday in shopping mall and this morning, I made fried egg and ham burger. I have lack of idea what I else I can do with bun except teddy bear. Piggy and teddy bear are the simplest characters to do for bento. I believe most of the bento mamas would agree with me. Hehehe. I made piggy burger before, thus today I made teddy bear burger!
Teddy Bear Burger Bento
Sausage cocktail as teddy bear's ears, secured it with toothpick, and as usual, the face details are punched out using nori puncher. Burger is the easiest breakfast to prepare for me. Besides, I also packed strawberry dipped chocolates and chocolate whipped cream (homemade too!).

Homemade Chocolate Chip Muffin

OK. Another non-bento post. :)
I was having good chat with my sister in law on her coming business plan, and out of sudden, we talked about muffin! Then she got me chocolate chip muffin recipe from her friend who are selling muffin in Singapore. I went to the baking supplies shop to get all the ingredients. On last weekend, we baked muffin.
First batch of muffins were overflowed and burnt a bit at the top and the chips were all collected at the bottom of the paper cups. FAILED.
Second batch of muffins were too little in the cup and the chips again were all collected at the bottom of the paper cups. FAILED.
Despite the “FAILED”, it was actually taste not bad. :)
I am not satisfy with the results and want to try again. I try again day after.
This time, it is baked perfectly!!! I am not claiming the credit, and I shall contribute the credit to my mother in law instead. She pointed out my error and that’s why I can bake nicely this round. What we did wrong in the first and second batch was too much of baking powder. My sister in law was scooping 2 teaspoons with full of mountain, instead of 2 FLAT teaspoons of baking powder.
Nice one. Hubby loves it so much, as not too much chocolate.
I would love to try double chocolate muffin, with the chocolate melting from inside out! Omg…yummylicious!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Strawberry Dipped Chocolate & Marshmallow Dipped Chocolate

I am “playing” with chocolate again! I bought two packs of Korean strawberry from Jusco last weekend and I think it is great to dipped with chocolate. Thus, I melted the milk and white chocolate separately and dipped the strawberry with chocolate. Then, sprinkle some colorful sugar balls on top and voila!
Besides using strawberry, I also using marshmallow. All kids love marshmallow. But I don’t. Haha. Thus, I made this out fun and interest. :) Dipped the marshmallow with melting chocolate and sprinkle with colorful sugar balls. Let it dry and pack in the nice gift bag and tied it. Looks nice isn’t it? :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Handmade Food Picks

Another little project. Handmde picks! OK. I got this idea from Simply Cute. It is an easy DIY project and since I also have those cute buttons that I bought from MyCraft Tree, why not I utilise it rather than letting those buttons collecting dusk in the storage box?

What I need are, cute buttons, super glue and the comb for the stem. Hubby helped me cut out all the comb into pieces. Then, I rubbed the edges of the comb to the sand paper to smoothen it. Then stick the stem onto the back side of the cute button. And here you go... the results! :)
Xmas collection picks

Little ducks collection picks

all my handmade picks!
Cute isn't it? I only bought one comb which cost me less than one ringgit. I did not buy more than one as this is my first project making food picks. I will be making more if I bought the buttons from MyCraft Tree again.

Bento No# 44: Caterpillar Bento

I see lots of mummies made caterpillar bento, hence, I also would like to give it a try. This was the only time I made bento with LEAST bread wastage, as I did not cut the side out. I used the whole piece of bread.
Chloe's caterpillar bento

Hubby's caterpillar bento

My caterpillar bento
All the three caterpillar bentos!
Today sandwich consists of fried scrambled egg, ham and cheese! Wow, how yummy it is! :p I used mini cocktail sausages as the caterpillar body and punched out the legs and face details using nori. The legs are punched out using music note puncher of which I got it from Daiso. I also packed my own made chocolate for hubby and myself. None for my niece, as to limit her intakes of chocolates! The golden pack is Rosetta milk chocolate cream sandwich cookies bought by my sister in law. Nice one! She got it from Singapore.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bento No# 43: Little Mushroom Man Bento

I made this little mushroom man bento on last Monday. I did not make any today as I need to travel to KL office early in the morning for meeting. I actually thought of making mushroom but I don't think this looks like mushroom although it has three little dots on the head. So, I named it little mushroom man. :=p
Little Mushroom Man Bento
I made three seeled fried egg sandwiches. The little mushroom man are made from ham, cheese and nori. I also packed blueberries, black grapes and strawberry.
I made total of three bentos. Hubby, my niece and myself. :)

Bento Giveaway not be misleading. I am not hosting a giveaway, but I am participating instead. :) It is my first bento giveaway I am joining. It is hosting by Bento, Monsters, to celebrate her 200th post! Congratulations to Ming. :) She is a loving and creative mother of two boys. What amazed me is, she does total of 5 bentos, 2 lunch bentos and snack bentos for her two boys and another yummylicious lunch box for herself. Her lunch box always makes me drooling. And and and...what's more? She does cute bentos everyday! Oh no...I cant imagine making 5 bentos everyday and 4 of it with all the cute one!

Here are all she is going to giveaway, a lunch box, 3 packets of picks, 1 packet of onigiri wrappers and 1 packet of plastic food cups (can be used as barans). I hope I can win this giveaway of course!! :=p Anyway, why not click here to participate this fun giveaway and give yourself a chance to start with this fun making bento-ing hobby? Good luck everyone! :)

Chocolate Making

I found a new hobby, chocolate making! LOL. Okay, the new hobby comes in when I visited a baking supplies store near my office. My intention was to look for any interesting cookie cutters and accessories for my bento making as usual. Then, I noticed that they have supplies all stuff for cakes making, cupcakes making, muffin making, chocolate making, you named it!!! I was attracted to a small poster on how to make chocolate. :D I did not buy the chocolate making stuff YET. But after I walking out from the store, I kept thinking of making chocolate. I watched youtube on how to make chocolate, I googled on how to melt the chocolate, how to make lollipop chocolate, etc. Ah, few days later, I went back again to the store and I told the lady boss that I want to make chocolate and what things that I should get for a beginner like me. And I walked out from the shop with all these :-
·         One kg Beryl’s milk chocolate compound
·         One kg Beryl’s white chocolate bar
·         Cartoon characters chocolate mould
·         Chocolate moulds
·         Plastic bag in cone shape (10 pcs)
·         Piping nozzle

Back home, I told my niece that I am going to make chocolate. She looked at me with bright eyes and smiled!

I did not make the chocolate that night. I was tired after all day work in office. So, I kept this project to weekend. I made three types, marshmallow dipped chocolates, cornflakes or almond filling chocolates, and 3D cartoon characters chocolates.

Marshmallow dipped chocolates. I did one and the remaining was done by my little niece, Chloe. She was very happy to help me of course!

Cornflakes or almond filling chocolates. It is yummy!! J
Lastly, the 3D hello kitty, melody, rilakkuma and rabbit chocolates! This is the most tedious work among all. Firstly, the mould is not the plastic one of which I can easily remove the chocolate after formed. Secondly, I have to “glue” the front and back to form 3D. The amount of “glue” applied cannot be too much or too thick. Otherwise, you may see some gap in between. This was what happened on my first project. LOL.

It was fun making chocolates and trust me, I will be making more. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Handmade Baby Gift Card

I love handcraft but I am not a crafty person. I adore those handmade stuff. One day, I thought of making little cards for my customers who buy breastpump and handmade baby booties to thank them. I’m bad in drawing and writing. The only way to make my little card looks interesting is using craft supplies such as ribbons, fabric, paper flowers, buttons or appliqu├ęs. Then I came across MyCraft Tree. I fall in love with their novelty and theme buttons. Thus, I placed an order with them. Good service and fast delivery I must say. :)

Here are three of many little baby gift cards that I made with the buttons.

I named this Little Boy’s Giffy.

 This is My Boy's Shirt. :)

And last one is Teddy & Family.

Don’t you think they are lovely? Which one you like? I have more to share with you guys. Stay tune!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bento No# 42: Belated Valentine Spaghetti Bento

In my previous post, I said I only packed normal bread for hubby. He was then asked me why there was no cute decoration on his bento after he came back from work. LOL. I make spaghetti bento for you tomorrow ok? J
Again, I was using sausages, not minced meat. A simple one with two little hearts for him. J

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bento No# 41: Valentine Teddy Bento

I was very tired yesterday and fall asleep very early. I managed to wake up as usual but I did not make any bento for myself as my colleague is buying me nasi lemak as breakfast. So, I only made for hubby and niece. Instead, only made for niece and only packed normal (without any decoration) for hubby. Since I only going to make one bento, thus I was trying to do valentine teddy bento. The idea is from Bento, Monsters.
Valentine Teddy Bento
Firstly, I cut the white bread according to the box size so it can fit nicely in. I made ham and cheese sandwich. She loves it! Secondly, I cut the teddy bear head using the cutter. However, I free-hand cut the body and the hand. So, you can see it is more like kitty body at the end. I spread a little bit mayo to stick the body and head to the white bread. Then proceed with the face details. The valentine teddy is holding a marshmallow candy! I put some sprinkles to make it more colorful.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bento No# 40: Mini Valentine's Day Bento

I have a project this morning. I prepared total of 11 mini valentine's bento for all my colleagues. Actually I have this idea few weeks back already but I feel wierd if I give them on anyday. Thus, I think it is a great idea to give them on valentine's day!

I bought the plastic box, mango flavour konyaku jelly powder a day earlier. I made the konyaku jelly and cut the love shape bread the night before. My niece, Chloe was keep standing beside me to help me. She helped me to put the fruits to the jelly mould and also cut the bread in love shape! Then, I keep the bread in the air tight container.

In the morning, I only need to boiled the mini wieners. While waiting for the mini wieners, I spread the love shape sandwhich with nutella and arrange nicely in the small plastic box. I cut the mini wieners into half and secured it with handmade "cupid arrow". It looks like the love with the cupid arrow. While waiting for the mini wieners to cool, I packed the konyaku jelly. Then put in the love shape mini wiener to the box and it is all done.

11 mini valentine's bento
Last but not least, a small note on the box. All set. :)

Happy with my very first bento sharing :)
As I mentioned in my previous post, hubby was outstation and therefore, he did not have one. We did not celebrate either. No surprises, no gifts, no dinner, no card ( sometimes, I do wish for surprises, but I know it is hardly happen). However, he did wish me "happy valentine" this morning. At least he knows that this day is valentine's day. Not too bad after all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bento No# 39: Hotdog Bento

I bought lots of breads from Jusco last night. I bought three mayo sausage buns for the kids. Rather than looking plain as it is, I put a smiley face on them. I prepared three mayo sausage buns for all the kids except my girl. My girl is only 16 months old and she is too young to appreciate this. So, all my nieces and nephew has one each!

Hotdog Bento

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bento No# 38: Pasta Bento

I texted hubby if he would like to have pasta for tomorrow morning and he immediately said yes. But I told him that I do not have the sauce at home. He said he will bring me to supermarket near our house to buy one. LOL. He is definitely bored with bread bento again and again.

Pasta Bento
I did not have minced meat, but I used chopped sausages instead. I thought of decorating the bento with a hard boiled egg to make it a smiley face. But the egg was not "cooked" enough and the york was not firm. The result was not good then. I packed the fruits in separately for myself.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bento No# 37: Valentine's Bento

Hubby will be outstation on valentine's day and only will be back on that night. So, I prepared valentine's bento earlier. This time, I packed in a smaller lunchbox and therefore, it looks more compact and fit nicely.

Valentine's Bento
A simple one. Love shape sandwich with love shape mini wiener. I free cut the hand myself, that's why it looks a bit "cacat". I also boiled some baby carrots to fill up the gap. Lastly, my favourite fruit, kiwis.

Early wish here, Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bento No# 36: Happy Birthday Bento

First of all, I would like to wish my dearest hubby a very happy birthday! I can’t wait for today to make this birthday bento for him. I have been thinking what to put into the box since two days ago. *lol* And know what, I even dreamt that I was late this morning and I could not make a birthday bento for him. I kept on waking up in the middle of night. End up, my colleague said I have a pale look this morning. >.<

Back to the special birthday bento for my hubby. A two-tier sandwich cake with “Happy Birthday” wordings. The alphabet cutter is too small and I spent most of my time cutting, picking and arranging the alphabets on the cake. It is actually an easy task, but due to the cheese melting faster than I expected, so I have a hard time picking up and putting it nicely on the cake. I guess I shall get a bigger alphabet cutter. I added flower sugar on top to make it more colorful. He has bunch of animal friends to sing a song and celebrate with him! LOL. In Chinese custom, we would normally have mee sua and red eggs on the birthday. In fact, my mother in law really boiled few eggs on his chinese birthday which fall on 9th day of CNY.  So, I added a cutie egg for him, to symbolized his birthday. Lastly, I added kiwis and grapes for him. I wanted to make a “present” tie up with ribbon for him actually, but I was really running out of time. >.<
Happy birthday to you my dearest hubby

As for myself, I had this very simple rabbit bento as I was running out of time to prepare a fancy one. I packed the fruits separately.


Rabbit bento for myself

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bento No# 35: Little Girl Bento

I have been looking high and low for round shape cutter but I could not find. There are so many cookie cutters around but yet, there is no simple round cutter. I bought a round cutter previously, then only realized it is actually to make doughnut as there is another smaller round cutter in the middle. So, when you use to cut the bread, the center will be cut off as well. Last night, I suddenly think back what I have read from all the bento mamas’ blogs. Some of them actually saying they using any “cutter” that available in the house. Then only I realized actually I can use cup maybe? J

My bento in blue box and my niece one at the back with red color box

Hubby has two little girl accompany him today! LOL

All the three

So here it goes. I cut the bread, cheese and ham using the Avent cup. Then I used my face cutter that I bought from Daiso to cut the ham. Use the same cutter again to cut the cheese to make the hair. Then I used nori as mouth and eye. To make it more colorful, I put two flower sugar on top of the hair as decoration. For hubby’s bento, I used green and blue color flower sugar. Hehe. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bento No# 34: Teddy Floss Bento

Ah...Today supposed to be holiday for me, but I still had to go to work. Why? Today is public holiday, Birthday of Prophet Muhammad but my company does not observe this day. Sigh, what a monday blue. Hubby is off today, so I only made bento for myself and my niece ( my niece is "off" today as well).

Teddy floss bento
OK. I admit. I copied the idea from Mothering Corner. :=P It is quite simple and easy to do. I cut the bread according to the box size in order to fit nicely in. Then cut another piece of the bread with the teddy bear cutter in the center. Spread the mayo and porkfloss. In fact, there are 3 tiers of the bread in the box. Put the bread with the teddy bear shape in the center on the top. Then, for face details, I use cheese and nori.

Do you notice that I use new bento box? I just bought it yesterday from Daiso. It is cute and cheap and I could not resist not to buy. Surprisingly, I realised it is actually two-tier bento box!! It is worth every penny! Then, I cut some kiwis and black grapes to my box and I am ready to work!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bento No# 33: Simple I Love You Bento

I woke up late again today!!! Thus, I only managed to make a simple and the easiest one. Finally I used my alphabets cutter that I bought from online store. And the only words that prompt up in my mind is “I Love You”. ;)

Hubby's I Love You bento

What is inside the bread? Porkfloss with mayo! I have the same too. I also packed dragonfruits. Teehee…my favourite fruit!

Besides, I also experimented the mickey again. This round, I was using stencil and chocolate powder. Here is the result. A very messy work again. I know what is my mistake. I should use strainer instead. It's OK. I will try again next time.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bento No# 32: Crocodile Bento and Mickey!

I was blank again this morning. My niece wanted Mickey mouse bento. So, my friends in the facebook requested me to make mickey mouse one. But mickey mouse bento definitely not able to fill up my hubby’s stomach. Therefore, I browse thru the bento photos in my phone and yeah…decided to copy this, as it is so simple. Crocodile bento!

I was actually struggling what to fill in to the box after I made the sandwiches. I guess I am going to get few smaller bento box. I opened the fridge and looked what I can grab to put into the box. Now I have two layered crocodile sandwiches, grilled cheese sausages (to finish off my stock in the fridge before I buy the mini wieners), fruit tart (bought by my father in law last night), a mini mandarin orange and chili sauce in the piggy container. The grilled cheese sausages were shrink after its cooled.
And this croc bento belongs to my hubby! J

I did 2 simple mickey sandwiches for her. I used sliced cheese for the face and of which I “cut” using my free hand. Therefore, the shape of the face is pretty ugly, uneven and not looks like mickey overall. After I done with this, only realized that I am actually have mickey stencil to cut out the face shape!! Sigh….If you want to see the good one, can check out Mothering Corner…. She is superb in doing Disney characters sandwiches for her kids! I was lack of time, therefore, I only managed to put a mini mandarin orange for her. I am sorry!!!
Mickey Mouse! LOL

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bento No# 31: Piggy Bento

I bought a pack of 6 hamburger buns last weekend and I used up 2 buns on Monday. I still have 4 to finish off before expiry date. So, I made burger again this morning. Yesterday, my niece, Chloe asked me why I did not fix any bento for her. She was looking for her bento after back from school and my maid told her that I did two bento, one for myself and another one for uncle. She asked why she does not have. LOL. I said "I thought you said you don't want?". She replied, "I want, I will eat after I'm back from school.". hahaha...OK. I make burger for you tomorrow ya.

I came across another bento mom, Bento Monsters. I like the bentos that she made for her two boys. Not only that, I guess she must be very good in cooking as well. All of her bentos are so detail in decoration, beautiful and colorful. Thus, I copied her idea for piggy bentos today.

This round, I bought lesser seeds hamburger buns. So, the face does not have so much "pimples". Hahaha. I made 3 piggy bentos today. The piggy looks cute isn't it? :=p

Chloe's  bento

And this is piggy bento for my niece. There is a bonus of ferrero rocher chocolate for her. She asked me if she can has it before she went to Singapore for holiday last weekend. I told her, you can have it after you back from Singapore ya. Thus, I included the chocolate for her today.

Piggy bento for myself and hubby

All three that I made!