Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bento No # 92: Pac Man Bento

Hello hello my bento friends! My first bento I made for weekend. hehe. I usually made bento on weekdays for the kids, myself and hubby. However, I made this on early July weekend because I was going to work that Saturday and I found mini burger bun from a local bakery shop a day before. I have been looking for mini burger bun for so long.

Actually I have no idea what does this bento looks like. I posted in my FB page and asked my friends to guess. Some said Elmo, some said pac man. I guess it looks like pac man more. I think the easiest and less messy work of bento is involved NO nori. I used cheese and chocolate chips for the eye. It is actually back bacon and egg burger. Oh ya, this is for the kids at home, meaning my nieces. :)
This one is for myself to work.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bento No# 91: Snoopy and Mini Animals Bento

I'm on the way catching up the outstanding bentos to post again! Here another two bentos I made early July . .
 This is for my niece, Chloe. I used the cutter that I bought from Daiso. The cutter has been idle in the box for quite some time and finally I took it out and used it again. The idea came from a bento mummy. Simple yet nice. =) The sandwich is filled with nutella chocolate. Her favourite. 
This is snoopy bento for myself. The sandwich is filled with salmon mayo. The ear appeared too small compared to the head. =.=''' Included in the box are golden kiwis and finger hashbrown.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bento No# 90: Bear Bento

I made this early this month. Sorry for the outdated post. 

The long hot dog bun with salmon mayo fillings. Goes along with kiwis and grapes. This is mine. Okay, I am a big child. Hehe
This is for my niece. She woke up very early that day and sat beside me and watched me making her bento. The filling is nutella chocolate spread based on her request. Goes along with grapes and coco crunch. It has been quite a long time I did not fix a bento for her. 

Bento No# 89: Sunny Day Bento

There was food left from granny's birthday. I re-heat and pack for next day breakfast. Add on a sunny egg on top. =) Have a great day! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Granny's Birthday

It was hubby's granny's (maternal side) birthday on early July. She is 73 years old this year. She is recovered from battling a cancer. Im so proud of her. Although I do not have much interaction with her, but she is a lovable and approachable granny. She would talk to me when she visits my MIL. I too, will talk to her. =)

On her birthday, all her children threw her a warm birthday party at home. I love the family gathering. Love the home cooked food as well. LOL.

I ordered this homemade carrot cake for her birthday. She loves it, as it is not too sweet and the nice decoration on top. The decoration was based on my request. =)

Happy birthday granny! Im happy to see you happy and smiling. =)

By the way, today is my birthday. =) I will be having dinner (only both me and hubby) later after work. My girl is not joining. No peaceful dinner if she joins. LOL. However, hubby taught her to sing happy birthday song to me last night, in mandarin and english version. She then trying to sing the song again and again. Her version of birthday song is, "shen ri kuai le". LOL. She learnt about "birthday" during granny's birthday early July. When I asked her what do we have when having birthday? She said cake and flower! LOL. 

Bento No# 88: Hello Kitty and Stitch Bento

Last bento for June 2012. =p

A very simple salmon mayo bento. 

A hello kitty version for myself. 

This one for hubby. Again, he finished everything in the car, before he reached office. =p

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back Bacon with Garlic Flavoured Sausage

I saw this recipe from WokkingMum and it looks so yummy to me! And hence, I tried this out. =)

I did not pack hubby's one for him to bring to work. Hence, this is his breakfast, goes together with a glass of orange juice. A good day to start with! He loves it! =)

This is mine. Tried to put inside this bento box but not able to fit in. End up, I also had this at home with hubby before off to work. =p

Bento No# 87: Sunny Bread Cup

I saw a mummy posted a photo of bread cup in Mummies Connect Group in FB. The bread cup is filled with   egg and back bacon. Thinking it is a good idea of this both combination, I give it a try last month. :)

This are mine. The bread cup are burnt a bit. Was trying to use the bacon as the hair, but I don't think it looks like hair. :=p

The closer look. =)

This is for my hubby. =) His favourite food, egg. LOL..

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bento No #86: Teru Teru Bozu Bento

I made this last month too. I was inspired by Kaeremama. She has step by step on how to make this teru teru bozu. However, my version is not good enough. Sigh.
What do you think? Does it looks like teru teru bozu if i don't tell? :p
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Bento No #85: Swissroll Bento

Hiya, im still around! I have few last month bentos yet to share here. :p And im now getting busier at work plus my maid is leaving this weekend, i guess my bentoing will be slowing down. Nevertheless, i will try to fix bento when im not working. :)
Here a very simple and speedy swissroll bento. The animal picks are wonderful to give a touch of cuteness here!
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