Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bento No# 50: Little Man Bento

This was my bento on 8 Mar 12. Hubby requested for somen for his breakfast. Forgot to de-freeze the sausages for deco, I used cherry tomato for decoration. Stick the face details put a little hat on it. Lastly, use green baran to d├ęcor the side. I packed the sauce separately in the thermos so the sauce can keep cold. I learnt this from a bento mum. :) However, my blur blur hubby, took out the thermos although I have actually put the thermos and the box together. *sweat* And on his way to office, he asked me where is the sauce. I asked him settle himself. LOL. I asked him how he settled his somen this morning after he came back from work. He said he bought meehoon soup and use the soup to eat together. Hahahaha

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bento No# 49: Strawberry Pudding & Green Tea SwissRoll and Fruits Galore Bento

This was my bento on 6 Mar 12. I bought the strawberry pudding swissroll and green tea swissroll from a bakery on the weekend. I always love their swissroll!! They have variety of swissrolls such as this new strawberry pudding, green tea, charcoal, sesame, double chocolate, etc. So, I packed the swissrolls to work and also pack one for my niece although knowing the fact that she actually does not bring to school.
My bento for the day!

Chloe's bento!
Both of us were having lots of fruits. In fact, I just want to fill up the gap. >.<  I also packed the almond strips and sunflower seeds cookies for Chloe as she loves it! MIL told me that she refused to share one piece to her younger sister even though I packed two in the bento.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend Project: More Chocolates!

Again, all these are my overdue posts. :p I am owing few posts and I am catching up now to keep it up to date. This was my weekend projects 3 weeks ago! LOL.

I made more pralines chocolate. Do you think my chocolate able to sell? :p

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bento No# 48: Musical and Little Boy and Girl Bento

When was my last post on bento? LOL. I am nearly attacked by lazy bug again. Hmm, not really lazy, just I was been very busy over few weekends. As I have fulltime office job, I only able to blog at night. However, you know, as a mum, most of your time has being given to your little one. :) So, normally I would post during weekend, when I am free. Last few weekends were a hectic to me. A lot of things happened. Now I am back to my feet again. XD
There was still spam leftover in the fridge. So, I thought it was a good idea to finish it and can re-stock again. I was lack of idea again and thought of making a simple bento. So, out of nothing, I did this, musical bento. What a simple one. *shame shame*
Musical Note Bento
I thought of making animal bento for my niece, Chloe using bread roll. However, I was running out of time. She woke up earlier that day and saw I was in the process in making bento. She asked why her bento is so plain. I immediately grab this little boy and little girl picks. Ahh…this cute picks are really my bento life saver! LOL. Then I also bought this cute panda cookies from Tesco yesterday, as I think this is great for bento. How cute it is!
So, this was my first bento for March 2012! :)
Few more outstanding bento posts coming up!