Monday, April 29, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Sandwich Wrap Review

I am reviewing Trudeau Fuel sandwich wrap today. :)

The sandwich wrap is made of food safe material, bpa free and reusable. So, you just need to wash it clean and leave it dry and you can use it again and again. It comes with an instruction and step-by-step picture on how to use the wrap. So, no worry if you do not know how to fold the wrap, it is pretty easy. :) But never mind, I will show step-by-step tutorial on how to wrap in this post. I have plenty of time that morning. LOL.

Open the wrap and place the bread in the centre. The bread here is honey wheat bread which my MIL likes it. She said it is softer than sunflower wheatgrain bread. 

Next, you may put in whatever fillings you like. I have lettuce, slice of cheese, fish fillet and mayo as filling. 

Next, covered it with another slice of bread.

After that, fold the wrap from left and from right, like the photo above. You may do it from right to left. Up to you. :p

I forgot to take photo after folded the wrap from bottom. Sorry! So, the above photo shows how it looks like when the wrap is folded. 

This is how the sandwich stays inside the wrap, neatly.

I packed them in Fuel sandwich box and it fit nicely into the box. I added chilli sauce into the little panda cup.  Hubby had this for his breakfast while I had Shokupanman bento that morning. :)  The sandwich wrap can be use for wrap too. I will try that probably next week. :)

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Bento No# 120: Hello Kitty Pasta Bento

I found a small pack of hello kitty shaped pasta in Jusco last weekend. It is quite expensive though, RM8.90 for a small packet. Anyway, I bought a packet, not for my little girl, but for myself instead. :P

Instant creamy chicken soup with pasta in the Fuel duo thermal food container and the top lid, I filled up with cheesy hello kitty pasta and a hello kitty mini cheese sausage. You may check out my review on Fuel duo s/s thermal food container here

A closer look, wonder why the hello kitty's nose is large. hhmmmm... :p

Update: Bento&Co was having its annual grand bento contest and the theme for the contest was Pasta Bento. When I prepared this hello kitty pasta bento, I never think of this contest, seriously. The thought come into my mind after I posted this entry live and I found out that the contest was still ongoing and why not? What I need to do was only submit my photo with simple description and that's it. So, I joined and I did not expect to win anything. Just for fun. So, results revealed two days after I submitted my entry, and I did not make the cut. :p Congratulations to the winners and finalist. Their creations are too perfect compared to mine. :p There are few bento bloggers joined the contest as well and few of us did not make the cut too. So, we are now joining a blog hop to show off our pasta bento that we submitted to Bento&Co annual contest. We are proud of our pasta bento although we did not make it to the final. 

So, click on the image below to bring you to the next hop to check out our fabulous pasta bento around. Keep on clicking the image on every blog and it shall bring you back to my post at the end. 

My girl had this for her morning tea break in school. Strawberries and golden kiwis. The school does provides sandwich, cakes, or biscuits. So, my girl would ask for it if she wants to. So, I do not prepare those for her, unless she requests for it. Nowadays, she wants to have the same food with her friends in school. :)

She had this fruit rainbow yesterday night after her dinner. She had strawberries, golden kiwis, homegrown papaya and seedless grapes. The idea was inspired by a fellow bento blogger, Ming, Bentomonsters. Check out her wonderful Earth Day's bento here

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Food-To-Go Lunch Box Review

I gotta put the Fuel sandwich wrap review on hold first, as I would like to review Trudeau Fuel Food-to-go container first. :)

A beautiful large capacity lunch box, 1L or 34oz, made of PP plastic, BPA free and eco-friendly material. It comes with 5 years warranty as well. 

This is what I like most. :) It comes with cutlery set (plastic food safe material fork and knife) in a case that is removable and attached on to the lid. So cool! The only thing missing is spoon. I think they should includes spoon as well. :)

I cooked bowties tuna pasta this morning and I served in this food-to-go lunch box. The lunch box may look big, but it is perfect size for adult. I topped with panda face made out of ham and cheese. The blue silicon cup is from Trudeau as well. It is really large silicon cup (the largest silicon cup I have) and it fit nicely in this lunch box. What I mean is the height of the silicon cup, is same as per the box. I tried to use my other silicon cup, it is just too small in the box. I am happy with the size of this silicon cup. :)

Hubby had the same breakfast bento as mine, but he did not get in the food-to-go lunch box as I only have one. :p 

Overall, I am happy with this lunch box as it is a wide and large size lunch box for adult. I need one like this, especially for hubby. Although it may looks big, but it is nice size for adult, really. :) Hubby asked if this lunch box is for him this morning and I said, no. This is mine. Obviously, he likes the box too. LOL. :)

Oh yeah, do not forget to join my Trudeau Fuel Giveaway. The giveaway ends 30 April. So, hurry up if you have not join yet. :)

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bento No# 122: Shokupanman Bento

I slept early yesterday night because hubby worked late and I had to put my girl to sleep. So, this morning, I woke up before 6 to prepare breakfast bento. :)

I fixed myself shokupanman bento. Shokupanman is one of the main character in Anpanman anime. Shokupanman has "bread" face shape. It is cute! :) Jusco shopping mall has a children train with the Anpanman and friends characters, including Shokupanman. My little girl always asks for a ride everytime she goes Jusco. I saw this idea when I browsing for bento ideas from pinterest, on my bed, before sleep. LOL

The shokupanman is made of buttermilk raisin bread with fish fillet, sliced of cheese, lettuce and mayo fillings. The face details are made of nori and cheese. The small rabbit container is filled with chilli sauce. It is really simple one but the nori cutting is really killing me, especially the eyebrows and nose. So slim. I don't think I able to do such nori cutting every morning. I don't have the luxury time to do that. I packed hubby the same food too, but I will leave it to next post, as I will be reviewing Trudeau sandwich wrap in my next post. 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bento No# 121: Fruity Bentos

I am sharing the fruity bentos that I packed for my girl yesterday and today. :) I was not feeling well on last monday, so I slept early that night and not managed to wake up early for the next day. I was feeling better last night, but I overslept this morning, so not able to pack myself and hubby breakfast bentos too. I only have enough time to pack simple fruits bento for my girl. :p I will make one tomorrow. I have in mind what to do with tomorrow bento. :)

Her yesterday fruity bento includes golden kiwis, seedless grapes and strawberries. She told me she does not want her fruit to be put into the Fuel snack pod! LOL. Probably because all jumble up together and she not able to see the "cute" bento with picks. :p So, I packed the fruits in the my melody box. :)

Today, she had her fruity bento in her hello kitty sandwich box. If you see carefully, the golden kiwis are in kiiroitori and flower shape. Mommy lacks of idea already, as the girl does not want bread/sandwich. :( I also includes seedless grapes and mango jellies as a bonus for her. 

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bento No# 119: Hello Kitty Bento

My girl's cough is not getting better and again, three of us had sleepless night yesterday. Unable to wake up early to prepare breakfast bento. I brought my little girl to medical centre early morning before drop her off in school. She was all good when she was with me. Doctor and nurse praised her for being a good and clever girl today, unlike two weeks ago where she cried and refused all along for jab. :)

Back to bento thingy, Trudeau Corp again sent me another big parcel last two days. This round, they generously includes lot of extras! I have to split the extras to two giveaways. Kindly check out my current giveaway here if you are interested to stand a chance to win Fuel products. The second giveaway will be after my second batch reviews. :)

The extras from a nice lady from Trudeau Corp. The hello kitty products range are meant for my little girl. Hello Kitty sandwich box, 2-pc Hello Kitty cutlery set and Hello Kitty straw cup. She was over the moon and happily showing to her grandma. She loves the straw cup the most. She said the hello kitty is swimming inside there. LOL. The rest are meant for mommy, the silicon cups in 3 different sizes and a beautiful set of 12 floral wine charms. :)

Like my little girl, I can't wait to use the hello kitty sandwich box too. Hehe. So, next day, I packed strawberries and mangoes in the cute box for my girl. This sandwich box is perfect size for toddler, i must say; while the Fuel sandwich box is more for adult use, unless your toddler is big appetite. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trudeau Fuel 1st Giveaway

Trudeau Corp is generously throwing in a lot of extras for me to hold giveaway. So, I gotta split them in two giveaways. 

First giveaway will consists of s/s duo food container, snack pod and 2-pc foldable cutlery set. You may check out my review here, here and here. I will hold the second giveaway after my second batch Fuel range products review. So, do remember to check out my blog often. :)

To enter the giveaway, your are required to follow the first 4 steps; leave your email (for me to contact you in case you win), leave a blog post comment telling me which are the items you like most and why, "like" Bento Makes Me Happy and Trudeau fan page in facebook. Increase your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway in facebook, instagram (and tag me @bentowithyenn), follow me at instagram (@bentowithyenn), blog, tweet and pin the giveaway. Please do come back again to post a link to your facebook/twitter/instagram/pin/blog as a new comment to earn extra entry everyday. :) Invalid entries will be disqualified.

The giveaway is open internationally and it closes on 30 April 2013. The winner will be picked randomly using Rafflecopter widget and the winner will be announce on 1st May 2013. I will contact the winner through email and he/she has 48 hours to reply my email, otherwise, a new winner will be drawn. Please do check back this post for the winner after the giveaway closed. Good luck! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Trudeau Stainless Steel Duo Container Review

My last review for first batch of Trudeau Fuel range products, stainless steel duo food container.

The sturdy stainless steel vacuum insulated food container from Fuel range from Trudeau. This piece of stainless steel vacuum insulated food container is made with high grade 18/8 (304) stainless steel. It has double wall vacuum sealed to keep the food hot for 5 hours and cold for 7 hours! It is stain and odor resistant and leak proof! The wide mouth opening is great as it helps for easy filling, eating and even cleaning. 

The whole set is comes with double wall, vacuum seal insulated stainless steel container, dry snack container (the red one), the lid - serves as serving bowl and also a folded safe food plastic spoon! If you are not using the dry snack container, you can keep the folded spoon on the dry snack container perfectly. :) 

This s/s duo container comes with two sizes, 10oz and 17oz. Mine is 10oz. It is good for mommies to pack home cooked food for baby, such as porridge. 

As per my previous review here, here, here and here, this container also comes with 5 years warranty on the defects in material and workmanship under normal household usage. 

So, let me try on the container now. :)

I made totoro soba with mushroom last week. My first try on totoro with sausage. I have seen this idea from pinterest, japanese bento bloggers and other bento bloggers as well. I hardly see short and small sausage and the smallest size sausage I can find here is consider "long". That's why you see that my totoro is tall and slim. Hehehe. I forgot about totoro whiskers after I snapped this photo. =.=''' 

I packed this to office as my breakfast. The container did keep the soba cold! :) Another part I like about this container is the dry snack container on top. I was actually wanted to make myself mushroom creamy soup and pack with this container this morning but I woke up late. My girl was having bad cough last night and all of us could not sleep well. :( Will do that in coming few days. :)

I also cooked the soba for hubby. I packed him in diablock lunch box. But this diablock lunch box does not able to keep the soba cold. :p

I received my second batch samples yesterday and Trudeau Corp is generously throwing some extras for me to hold giveaway. 

Sneak peak for tomorrow's giveaway. Remember to come back again to my blog for more details. :)

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trudeau Cutlery Set Review

Yup! As mentioned in my previous post, I am getting this cute foldable 2-piece cutlery set from Trudeau Corp. They also available in few colors and i got red color. :) The handle is made of PP material and the spoon and fork are made of stainless steel. Just like other Fuel range products, this cutlery set is also made of BPA free, eco-friendly material and comes with 5 years warranty. 

One cute thing about this cutlery is, it is foldable. So, it will keep your cutlery clean and untouch with your lunch boxes, lunch bag, etc and you also no need to worry that not able to keep into the lunch bag as it able to fold to shorter piece. The handle is design in the way that suits both kids and adults to hold it comfortably. 

Here's the look when both are keep inside. Smart design, aren't they? 

I am ending my post with a not so cute rilakkuma bento that I made on last Tuesday. :)

Fish fillet burger, yakult drinks and fruits for my breakfast on last Tuesday. I made the same breakfast for hubby but only packed fruits for my little one, as this portion is too big for her. Probably make mini burger for her in future. :)

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