About Me

I am Yenn, mommy to a 2.5 year old little girl. Working as an accountant in a public listed company, juggling between work and family, and now my own Bento With Yenn.

I was a workaholic before arrival of my little girl. I worked 7 days a week, from 9am to 12 am during peak period. However, my life has changed since arrival of my little girl. She changed me entirely. I used to bring work home but not anymore now.

I started to "bento" quite few years ago, when I stumbled at Mothering Corner. Since then, I stalked at her blog almost every week to check out her cute bento. It was a wonderful and happy feeling to look at those interesting and cute looking lunch or snack boxes. Back then, I was telling my boyfriend (now my hubby) that if I would do such a cute looking lunch or snack boxes for our kids. :) Never did I know few years later, today, I making bentos for my girl to school.

I do not cook and do not know how to cook. Only able to cook instant noodles before I got married. I am staying with my family in law since I gave birth to my girl. My MIL cooks very well and I love her cooking so much (that is the reason why my weight is never reduce since my girl was born). However, since I started bento, I started to have passion and love towards baking and cooking. I started collecting baking and cooking recipes and save all them in my handphone. I still not started cooking yet but I love enjoys the savoury and yummy photos and recipes by the food bloggers. As for baking, I started baking last year. I am still improving myself along the way. My aim is to bake a birthday cake for my little girl in her coming birthday and also hubby's birthday (which already over this year).

I am a mandarin speaking lady whose does not read and write mandarin. My English grammar is not good either. But I love to read and write blogs. I hope to improve my writing skills and English grammar along the way. I love reading emails from my readers. You are welcome to email me if you have any questions on my bentos, post blogs, etc. I am happy to reply you. :)

Please contact me at bentowithyenn@yahoo.com if you would like me to review your products. :)

Lastly, I really do hope you enjoy my blog. :)

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