Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bento No# 48: Musical and Little Boy and Girl Bento

When was my last post on bento? LOL. I am nearly attacked by lazy bug again. Hmm, not really lazy, just I was been very busy over few weekends. As I have fulltime office job, I only able to blog at night. However, you know, as a mum, most of your time has being given to your little one. :) So, normally I would post during weekend, when I am free. Last few weekends were a hectic to me. A lot of things happened. Now I am back to my feet again. XD
There was still spam leftover in the fridge. So, I thought it was a good idea to finish it and can re-stock again. I was lack of idea again and thought of making a simple bento. So, out of nothing, I did this, musical bento. What a simple one. *shame shame*
Musical Note Bento
I thought of making animal bento for my niece, Chloe using bread roll. However, I was running out of time. She woke up earlier that day and saw I was in the process in making bento. She asked why her bento is so plain. I immediately grab this little boy and little girl picks. Ahh…this cute picks are really my bento life saver! LOL. Then I also bought this cute panda cookies from Tesco yesterday, as I think this is great for bento. How cute it is!
So, this was my first bento for March 2012! :)
Few more outstanding bento posts coming up!

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