Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bento No# 16: Ohayo from Japan! Japanese Cupcake

I have heard a lot about this, Japanese cupcake. I have been eyeing on this cupcake for quite a long time but I did not give it a try because I think it is expensive, RM14.80 for 6 cuppies *stingy me*.  Finally I gave it a try. Next morning, I packed this super duper quick breakie bento. 2 cuppies in each bento with 2 ferrero rochers (I am chocolate addict in case you don’t know, hehe) and to add some cute touch, I put my newly bought panda pick sitting on the cuppy and the animal divider on behind.

Ok. Back to the Japanese cupcake. Everybody has been raving of this. It tastes quick normal to me. Maybe the correct time to consume is while it is still chilled. I packed to office, so not really cooling already.

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