Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bento Giveaway not be misleading. I am not hosting a giveaway, but I am participating instead. :) It is my first bento giveaway I am joining. It is hosting by Bento, Monsters, to celebrate her 200th post! Congratulations to Ming. :) She is a loving and creative mother of two boys. What amazed me is, she does total of 5 bentos, 2 lunch bentos and snack bentos for her two boys and another yummylicious lunch box for herself. Her lunch box always makes me drooling. And and and...what's more? She does cute bentos everyday! Oh no...I cant imagine making 5 bentos everyday and 4 of it with all the cute one!

Here are all she is going to giveaway, a lunch box, 3 packets of picks, 1 packet of onigiri wrappers and 1 packet of plastic food cups (can be used as barans). I hope I can win this giveaway of course!! :=p Anyway, why not click here to participate this fun giveaway and give yourself a chance to start with this fun making bento-ing hobby? Good luck everyone! :)


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, I'm really not tt gd, Yenn. And yes just sharing abt giveaway in blog post gives u another chance. Good luck! :)

Yenn said...

Thanks Ming! :)

Sunrise Manor Awnings said...

Grateful ffor sharing this