Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Snack n' Dip Container Review

I am so sorry again for the delay in review post. I am so tight up with daily schedules. So, today I will be reviewing Trudeau Fuel Snack n' Dip container and after this post, I will be having another Fuel giveaway! So, remember to come back again to check out the giveaway. :)

The first view and impression of the Snack n' Dip container. Cute! :)

Open it up, and it comes with a spreader attached on the cover. It has two compartments which smaller one for your dip and the larger one for crackers, sticks or fruits. 

The spreader is removable and as like other Trudeau's products, it comes with 5 years warranty, BPA free and made of eco-friendly material. 

I packed my little girl's favourite strawberry flavour biscuit rolls, and mango jelly. Love the size of this cute container. It fits perfectly for the biscuit rolls which my girl loves it so much. :)

I actually also packed fruits for her to go to school. Golden kiwis and strawberries, which I did the review of the Trudeau Fuel Snack Container here

Strawberry biscuit rolls and korean strawberries for the little girl. :)

So, I have done a series of Trudeau Fuel reviews. You may want to check it out here and let me know which one you love the most? For me, I love sandwich box and trapeze insulated lunch bag the most. Why? Because the sandwich box size is perfect for both kids and adults. And why lunch bag? Check out my review here. I will be holding another Trudeau Fuel giveaway on next Monday. Do visit my blog on Monday to check out the details if you wish to join. It opens to everyone. :)

I am sharing where you can get similar items that I used in this post :)

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