Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bento No# 12: Lovey Chicky Bento

My niece, Chloe was on school break and currently spending her holiday in Singapore. Thus, I do not need to fix a bento to her. But I am sure she would love this bento if she sees this photo! *shameless me*

Finally I found the love shape picks which I have looking for loooong time!!! I bought it from Daiso at RM5 per pack only! What a great deal isn’t it? :p Therefore, I decided to fix a chicky bento today. How is it? I super like this cute chicky bento. However, the chicky “wings” which I used from sliced cheese looks like fried egg, do you agree? LOL. Goes together in the bento are: hotdogs with chilli sauce, little flower shape of sandwich (left over from the bread) and ferrero rocher as you can see!!

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