Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Birth of the Bento Diary

I actually started to know about bento few years back while I was blog hopping. The first blog that inspired me was actually from Mothering Corner. I was really enjoyed reading her blog and of course all the cute bento photos!! Few years back, I was also hoping that I could make nice and healthy bento to my kids in the future. But then, I stopped following her blog for don’t know what reason.

Until few months back when I joined my new company which the working hours starts at 8am!!! I used to be reach office at around 8.30am to 8.45am in my previous company and having breakfast in the office. But I do not able to enjoy this privilege (although manager level has the flexibility of the working hours of which can be late without deducting salary) and openly having my fried mee hoon on my desk!
I always stopped by petrol kiosk to get my BREAD for my breakfast and I was really kinda sick with it. Until one day I decided to pack my own breakfast. Immediately I recalled of all the cute and nice bento bloggers around. I read thru and saved all the bento photos to my pc. And I told hubby that I would make breakfast bento for him and he was kind of does not believe me because he said it is hard for me as I gotta get off from bed as early as 6am to fix breakfast. I told him I will and the weekend, I got myself very basic bento tools from Daiso. Since then, Daiso is my must visit store whenever I went to shopping malls. I would check if there is new stuff for me. Besides Daiso, I also started to get some tools from online store, Bento Craft. And believe me or not, I browsed thru ALL their items (except for bento boxes)!!! They have more wide selections of bento tools compare to Daiso.

Soon, hubby got me a new hp, Samsung Galaxy SII and quickly I saved all the bento photos to my hp!! I am like a happy girl browsing thru the cute bento photos on my hp everyday and thinking what bento to fix the next day. LOL. Yes, I am STILL not sick of this new hobby and really enjoy it now. I feel happy when I seeing my own bento, able to provide hubby food (a simple one as I am really sucks in cooking) and seeing my niece looking forward her bento box every morning before going to school. Hmm, yeah… people happy, I am happy. Hence, the birth of this blog, Bento Makes Me Happy. J

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cindy said...

Wahhh.. I cannot imagine waking up as early as 6am to fix breakfast in the shape of Bento!

You are one amazing woman lah, Yenn! he he he