Monday, December 12, 2011

First 5 Bentos!

Below are my very first five bento creations. A very simple one with minimal decoration. But it looks neat to me. :)

The very first bento I made for my niece, Chloe. The birdie with honey stars as based. She was so happy when she saw this!

Next day, I asked her what bento she likes. She told me she wants bear! Thus, I made this bearie family for her. She told me she could not finished it. LOL. Quite heavy for 4 years old girl. :-p

 My third bento was rabbits bento with 3 wieners. I also packed tomato sauce for her inside the Stitch small container to go with wieners.

My niece, Chloe requested love bento from me. This is just a very simple bento I made for her. Lack of ideas. >.<'''

What does this looks like? I do not have idea what to do in the morning. I bought one green tea and one double chocolate swiss roll each. Totally no idea how to decorate, here is the result. After I took the photo, it looks like a ship, don't you agree? The honey stars are the sea. :-p

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