Thursday, February 23, 2012

Handmade Food Picks

Another little project. Handmde picks! OK. I got this idea from Simply Cute. It is an easy DIY project and since I also have those cute buttons that I bought from MyCraft Tree, why not I utilise it rather than letting those buttons collecting dusk in the storage box?

What I need are, cute buttons, super glue and the comb for the stem. Hubby helped me cut out all the comb into pieces. Then, I rubbed the edges of the comb to the sand paper to smoothen it. Then stick the stem onto the back side of the cute button. And here you go... the results! :)
Xmas collection picks

Little ducks collection picks

all my handmade picks!
Cute isn't it? I only bought one comb which cost me less than one ringgit. I did not buy more than one as this is my first project making food picks. I will be making more if I bought the buttons from MyCraft Tree again.


Bou Shin said...

So adorable! I never thought of using buttons..and I have hundreds! Hmm...^.~

Unknown said...

So cute, love ur picks. V creative, to use buttons n comb, nvr tot of these 2.

Caroline Lim said...

Wow... It's nice.... I love it.....

Mommalina said...

WOW!! those buttons are so cute!! I am so glad you gave a try ^__^