Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bento No# 106: Snack Bento

My girl is attending half day enhancement class and the class ended at 12pm. She then will takes bath and lunch in school. It is good that most of the kids lunches are home cooked by the Principal's father. My girl will usually knock off in the car within 10 mins on the way back and the journey back home is about 45mins drive. It is really a looooong journey. 

She will continue to sleep after reach home and when she wakes up, she will keep asking for food. Thus, I made her snack bento again this afternoon. :))

A very simple one. Golden kiwis, blueberries and apricot yogurt in the little pail. I then added bee and ladybird cupcake decor, otherwise it is too plain. Hehe. I also spelt out her last name "QI" for her. It's simple isn't it? 


bentoholic said...

Cute little bento! :-)

Yenn said...

Aww..Thanks, Anna! :)

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Very cute! Thanks for linking up at BBN!