Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Snack Container Review

I know it is more than a week I did not update my blog. I was tied up with month end closing at work, and busy cleaning for my new house during weekend. And I was down and sad for the General Election's result held last weekend. Alright! Month end closing and GE were over and I am back to post now. :) Before that, congratulations to Lori for winning the Trudeau Fuel Giveaway that ended 30 April. :) For those not winning, do not disappointed, I will be having another Trudeau Fuel giveaway after all my review for Trudeau Fuel are done. So, stay tune. 

I am going to review Fuel Uno Snack Container today. 

This cute snack container has capacity of 8oz and it comes with 3 colors; red, blue and green. It is made of PP plastic, BPA free and eco-friendly material. It also comes with 5 years warranty. Cool! :) One cute thing about this snack container is, there is a functional clip ring attached. So, you can carry the container easily, just hold onto the ring. :)

The interior look of the snack container. It is meant for dry snacks such as biscuits and bread. 

I used to pack hokkaido chiffon cupcake into the box for my girl to bring to school. 

I packed fruits for my girl with this snack container as well, although it is actually meant for dry snacks. No complaint from my little girl or teachers. :)

I packed garlic bread in the snack container. Perfect! 

The garlic bread was to dip into the instant creamy chicken soup. I also packed myself plain yogurt with lots of strawberries bits in the Fuel snack pod. I made this yesterday. :)

I am sharing where you can get the similar items I used in this post. :)


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Lori said...

Great review! So excited I won the april give away! !!

Yenn said...

Congratulation Lori! :)