Monday, April 8, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Sandwich Box Review

I come across about Trudeau Fuel range products through one of the bento blogger. I started to find where can I get the Fuel range products in Malaysia. Unfortunately, I unable to find in my small hometown here. Sad. :(

But to my surprise, a nice lady in Trudeau Corp kindly sponsored me few items from Fuel range. I am so delighted. One of it is sandwich box. So, I am going to do a review of Fuel sandwich box or they called it, Everest sandwich box for this post. :)

I have been wanting to own a sandwich box like this, and finally my dream comes true. :) The sandwich box comes with 3 different colors and they send me red color. I like the red color as I will be using mostly to pack for my little girl or either myself. :)

The box is made of PP and eco-friendly material. It is also made of BPA free material, one of the matters that concern most of the mommies. 

One thing that I like about this sandwich box is the attached lid. You will never worry that the lid is misplaced or missing anymore. What's more? All Fuel range products are comes with 5 years warranty! How cool is that, isn't it?

My girl launched the sandwich box. I packed seedless grapes, korean strawberries, oranges bits and chocolate alphabet biscuits for her. She was all smiling when i showed her the new box. Although she was happy with her new box, but she was unable to finish them. Probably a bit too much for a 2.5 year old girl.

So, I used the sandwich box for myself next day! Yay! I packed cream roll (cut into half), two mini croissants and some fruits. Nicely fit into the box. Awww....i falling in love with this wide base sandwich box.     

Another one using Trudeau sandwich box. :) Tamago mini croissants and fruits for myself. I cooked and stuffed the tamago into the ready bought mini croissant. I added nori as the eyes. Does it looks like elephant? :p

Packed tamago mini croissants for hubby too. The sleepy elephant mini croissants. :p 

Another simple chocolate banana sandwich for myself again. I saw an rilakkuma chocolate banana toast from pinterest other day, so I think of making one too, as it looks simple. But mine looks terribly awful as I do not have the bear shape cutter that able to fit and cut perfectly on the banana size. :( I have relatively a bit larger bear cutter and smaller one. It is definitely not looks like rilakkuma. =.='''

My girl one looks much more better. I used the small bear shape cutter to cut the banana. Nori as face details. I was trying to pack a smaller piece banana chocolate for her as I saw she finished one whole piece of chocolate sandwich yesterday night. However, she did not took them in school. She told me she does not want to dirty her hand. =.='''

Coming up next, Trudeau Snack Pod review. :)


Kevin Ling Hua Wei said...

Where can I get this? I'm interested to get one.

Kevin Ling Hua Wei said...

Where can I get this? I'm interested to get one.