Friday, April 26, 2013

Trudeau Fuel Food-To-Go Lunch Box Review

I gotta put the Fuel sandwich wrap review on hold first, as I would like to review Trudeau Fuel Food-to-go container first. :)

A beautiful large capacity lunch box, 1L or 34oz, made of PP plastic, BPA free and eco-friendly material. It comes with 5 years warranty as well. 

This is what I like most. :) It comes with cutlery set (plastic food safe material fork and knife) in a case that is removable and attached on to the lid. So cool! The only thing missing is spoon. I think they should includes spoon as well. :)

I cooked bowties tuna pasta this morning and I served in this food-to-go lunch box. The lunch box may look big, but it is perfect size for adult. I topped with panda face made out of ham and cheese. The blue silicon cup is from Trudeau as well. It is really large silicon cup (the largest silicon cup I have) and it fit nicely in this lunch box. What I mean is the height of the silicon cup, is same as per the box. I tried to use my other silicon cup, it is just too small in the box. I am happy with the size of this silicon cup. :)

Hubby had the same breakfast bento as mine, but he did not get in the food-to-go lunch box as I only have one. :p 

Overall, I am happy with this lunch box as it is a wide and large size lunch box for adult. I need one like this, especially for hubby. Although it may looks big, but it is nice size for adult, really. :) Hubby asked if this lunch box is for him this morning and I said, no. This is mine. Obviously, he likes the box too. LOL. :)

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I am sharing where you can get similar stuff that I used in this post. :)

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