Monday, April 29, 2013

Bento No# 120: Hello Kitty Pasta Bento

I found a small pack of hello kitty shaped pasta in Jusco last weekend. It is quite expensive though, RM8.90 for a small packet. Anyway, I bought a packet, not for my little girl, but for myself instead. :P

Instant creamy chicken soup with pasta in the Fuel duo thermal food container and the top lid, I filled up with cheesy hello kitty pasta and a hello kitty mini cheese sausage. You may check out my review on Fuel duo s/s thermal food container here

A closer look, wonder why the hello kitty's nose is large. hhmmmm... :p

Update: Bento&Co was having its annual grand bento contest and the theme for the contest was Pasta Bento. When I prepared this hello kitty pasta bento, I never think of this contest, seriously. The thought come into my mind after I posted this entry live and I found out that the contest was still ongoing and why not? What I need to do was only submit my photo with simple description and that's it. So, I joined and I did not expect to win anything. Just for fun. So, results revealed two days after I submitted my entry, and I did not make the cut. :p Congratulations to the winners and finalist. Their creations are too perfect compared to mine. :p There are few bento bloggers joined the contest as well and few of us did not make the cut too. So, we are now joining a blog hop to show off our pasta bento that we submitted to Bento&Co annual contest. We are proud of our pasta bento although we did not make it to the final. 

So, click on the image below to bring you to the next hop to check out our fabulous pasta bento around. Keep on clicking the image on every blog and it shall bring you back to my post at the end. 

My girl had this for her morning tea break in school. Strawberries and golden kiwis. The school does provides sandwich, cakes, or biscuits. So, my girl would ask for it if she wants to. So, I do not prepare those for her, unless she requests for it. Nowadays, she wants to have the same food with her friends in school. :)

She had this fruit rainbow yesterday night after her dinner. She had strawberries, golden kiwis, homegrown papaya and seedless grapes. The idea was inspired by a fellow bento blogger, Ming, Bentomonsters. Check out her wonderful Earth Day's bento here

I am sharing where you can get the similar items I used in this post:-

Bento With Yenn


Unknown said...

Love this!! Tks for the link! :) I've a pack of Hello Kitty pasta too, will copy this idea one day! :)

Yenn said...

Ming, thank you! :)

Kathy said...

Very cute!

Theprincessandthetot said...

That is seriously adorable!

bentoholic said...

Love that Hello Kitty pasta! Wish I could find it!

Sd said...

Wow hello kitty pasta it's so cute

julie said...

Love Hello Kitty and this bento! I want that pasta! So CUTE :)

J3@N said...

Hello!! How do I order from you? Can please email me at Thank you!

J3@N said...

Hello!! How do I order from you? Can please email me at Thank you!