Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bento No# 119: Hello Kitty Bento

My girl's cough is not getting better and again, three of us had sleepless night yesterday. Unable to wake up early to prepare breakfast bento. I brought my little girl to medical centre early morning before drop her off in school. She was all good when she was with me. Doctor and nurse praised her for being a good and clever girl today, unlike two weeks ago where she cried and refused all along for jab. :)

Back to bento thingy, Trudeau Corp again sent me another big parcel last two days. This round, they generously includes lot of extras! I have to split the extras to two giveaways. Kindly check out my current giveaway here if you are interested to stand a chance to win Fuel products. The second giveaway will be after my second batch reviews. :)

The extras from a nice lady from Trudeau Corp. The hello kitty products range are meant for my little girl. Hello Kitty sandwich box, 2-pc Hello Kitty cutlery set and Hello Kitty straw cup. She was over the moon and happily showing to her grandma. She loves the straw cup the most. She said the hello kitty is swimming inside there. LOL. The rest are meant for mommy, the silicon cups in 3 different sizes and a beautiful set of 12 floral wine charms. :)

Like my little girl, I can't wait to use the hello kitty sandwich box too. Hehe. So, next day, I packed strawberries and mangoes in the cute box for my girl. This sandwich box is perfect size for toddler, i must say; while the Fuel sandwich box is more for adult use, unless your toddler is big appetite. :)


Anonymous said...

The Hello Kitty items are so cute! My girl loves HK too.

MyKoko said...

Just too cute. Have always loved Hello Kitty. Where can we purchase one? I'm in California.

Yenn said...

I love HK too, Bentodays! :)

Yenn said...

MyKoko, you may want to check out to check any retailer shop near you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I know how to purchase ur products ya ?